Monday, April 16, 2007


This weekend just gone, everyone in the UK seemed to be going on about the weather. "Isn't it lovely?" "Aren't we lucky to be having this in April?" "This is the warmest April 15th in history, you know, so I hope you're enjoying it". Everywhere I went I heard the same thing. Enjoy it while you can. Get your skimpies on. Sit in the beer garden drinking cold lager all day, that being the only apparent way for a man to regulate his body temperature. Personally, I couldn't get into it. I'm a fan of lager, but not of blistering heat in April. I try to enjoy it. Truly I do. I try not to be downbeat on such an upbeat day. I wipe that trickle of sweat off my brow and close my eyes and turn my face to the sun, but red light seeps through my eyelids. And it's not a nice red. It seems to me like a warning red. I think of The Day of the Triffids. Nearly everyone enjoyed that amazing display of light in the sky, none of them questioning what might be behind it. Why would you? It's a gift: enjoy it now. Only the killjoys and blinfolded abstained.

So I stay in the shade and try to deny the heat, ignoring the taunts of killjoy and miserable bastard. But it won't help me. I'm going blind just like everyone else.

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