Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mr Lenin, awaken the boy

Hey, me here. Been a bit quiet here of late. Here are three random facts for you:

1. The appendices to Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's FROM HELL take much longer to read than the novel itself.

2. There are lots of little black and red beetles everywhere. What are they? Never seen the little buggers before. Are they aliens?

3. 28 WEEKS LATER is out next week. Or this week, or whatever. Personally I'm not sold on fast-moving zombies. There is something creepy as hell about relentless shamblers. Fulci's have the edge on Romero's.

4. Beating a late-career Oscar De la Hoya proved nothing. Pretty Boy Floyd should have faced up to Ricky Hatton at light-welter. Or Miguel Cotto. Not one of these big-name proven losers. Mayweather comparing himself to the Sugar Rays is a joke. Robinson faced everyone. And dispute the outcome all you like, but Leonard put it all on the line against the steamroller that was Marvin Hagler.

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GB said...

Pretty Boy Floyd comparing himself to the UFC's Chuck Lidell and other mixed martial arts fighters... now THAT's ridiculous. Too bad de la Hoya didn't shut him up for good.