Thursday, May 31, 2007

Story Sale

Top news: I have sold a story to the excellent British crime fiction mag Crimewave. This is published by TTA Press, also responsible for the renowned horror/slipstream mag The Third Alternative (now known as Black Static). Years ago I got a story published in The Third Alternative, so this is like doing the league and FA Cup double, albeit several years apart. Of course, TTA Press also publishes the legendary Interzone. I guess that would be like the Champions League or something. But I'm not likely to win that. Anyway, the story is YOUR PLACE IS IN THE SHADOWS. I'll give you a prod when it's out.

This has made me want to write another bunch of short stories. And I would if I didn't have so much else going on, writing-wise. I'll let you know about some of that soon enough.


Ray said...

Fuck me, I didn't even know Crimewave were still going!

NICE sale. You gonna get all toffee-nosed on us now?

Charlie Williams said...

Yeah, I'm going to start talking about "my work".