Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PRONG 1: Books

I am writing a new novel for Serpent's Tail. This is going well. Can't say more. If I said more, I would have to use your IP addresses to track you all down and kill every one of you. Because it kills the magic, sharing your writing mojo before its work is done. It's like the red indians and taking photographs. Maybe I should just charge you one dollar to hear about what I'm writing.

But do you know what? It wouldn't be worth the one dollar. Not even at today's exchange rates. I am the world's worst pitch artist. This is something that I will have to address, and touches on tomorrow's prong...

Anyway, expect a new book from me next year. After three novels in quick succession, 2004-2006, it'll be quite a gap. Just when someone says "Hey, wonder what happened to that Williams guy? No, not him from Mork and Mindy, I mean the one who did those doorman books. Didn't he die of a drug overdose?".... And then BAM - I'll hit them with a new one called THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE WRITER WHO DID FUCK ALL FOR THREE YEARS. Ah, but you know he didn't do fuck all, don't you?

Another prong tomorrow.


Ray said...

Oh, this is indeed excellent news, Mr Williams. Congratulations. Here's hoping you don't get tarred with the yob lit brush again, and actually appreciated for the fine wordsmith you actually are.

Unless this new one is a pile of bobbins, in which case feh and pah.

Charlie Williams said...

I'm still wearing that orange jacket. And doing my community service.

Cheers for the (heavily conditional) encouragement!

Donna said...

Yay! About bloody time too.