Friday, April 25, 2008


From time to time, when I've nothing better to do, I improve the quality of your lives by giving you a glimpse into the minds of the men and women out there who find this site via google. Here is that glimpse:

3 5.36% make her gag
2 3.57% ass rash
1 1.79% rash on ass
1 1.79% rash on my ass
1 1.79% ass rashes
1 1.79% comics of pity
1 1.79% how to buy fags
1 1.79% david hasselhoff in his 20s

I have no further comment.


Tanya Roessler said...

HA! Thanx for that glimpse, Mr. Williams! You have imroved the quality
of my life ! Definetly!
( I relly hope you do not mind me writing, but that Stuff really cracked me up!)

Charlie Williams said...

Don't mind you writing? Shit, I hardly get any comments here! Especially not from hamsters.