Friday, April 18, 2008

PRONG 3: Comics

I have been taking the comics world by storm. Didn't you notice? The way I've been doing it, right, is via black magic. Me and my artistic cohort Jonathan Dukes meet up every now and then in The Plough - which is a very mystical sort of pub - and drink ourselves into a shamanic stupour, helping the mindstate along by throwing out the odd word about Alan Moore or the Hernandez brothers. Then, in our trance-like state, we utter the magic words that, in effect, render the comics world at our mercy. Anything we submit to them for publication, they will accept and treat with reverence. It's just that we haven't finished anything yet. We're busy, OK? I mean, these things take time.

So that's what I'm doing. What are you doing? Does it involve black magic?

Next week: Prong 4...


Neil said...

That's me with screenplays. Definitely a magic spell cast on the industry. But it's all about the timing. I don't think it's fair to unleash my cinematic greatness on the world until, oh...2021? 2027? Needs time to ferment. Yeah, that's it.

Charlie Williams said...

How about 20014? And I think there was a brief window in 1996 that you missed.