Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nice one

I wanted to say a big cheers to Victor Gischler for the positive words for DEADFOLK on his "World's Worst Blog", but you can't leave comments there. And I don't know his email address. So Victor - if you're reading - this is for you:

Also cheers to Charlie Stella, who gave DEADFOLK the thumbs up on his blog. I'll never tire of the buzz from finding that someone has got a kick out of something I wrote. So Charlie, here's a present for you:

Anyone else who dug DEADFOLK and told someone about it, this man is waiting to take your order:


Jenny D said...

Charlie, did you just figure out how to post goofy pictures or what?!?

Charlie Williams said...

Jenny - posting goofy pictures is a skill I've always had. I'm just trying to take it to a new level.