Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bring Back BIFF

Dear Sir,

Please, please bring BIFF back to the Review. BIFF was the reason I started buying the Guardian, many years ago, and has remained the undisputed highlight of my Saturdays ever since... even in my days of drunken debauchery. Just bring back BIFF. Garratt and Kidd have created an enduring cultural icon, and it needs the outlet you give it. In fact, you should do a feature on them.

No one sees the world (particularly our corner of it) the way BIFF does. Doonesbury may be more famous, but BIFF is cleverer, funnier, and BRITISH.


Charlie Williams.

I sent the above to Please do the same. We need BIFF in our lives.

(Unsure what BIFF is? See here.)

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