Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sacré Flamin' Bleu!

Gallimard have bought the French rights to FAGS AND LAGER. (They already have DEADFOLK, which will no doubt come out over there some time.) The French, as we all know, have a great love for fags and lager (you don't know what a fag is until you've had a Gitane), so I hope my humble offering will not disappoint.

My books will be swimming in Williams-infested waters at Gallimard, which already include the likes of Charles Williams, Tennessee Williams, and William Carlos Williams among others.

I'm off to celebrate with some lager!

In my excitement I forget to mention... Many thanks to Malcolm Imrie of Imrie and Dervis for brokering this deal (and all the other foreign deals).


Duane Swierczynski said...

I'm so late with this, but congrats, Charlie. That's absolutely fantastic news. You'll blow these other Williams jokers clean out of the water.

The Serie Noire line? Man, it just doesn't get any beter.

Charlie Williams said...

Duane. Thanks. I dunno if it'll be Serie Noire. It might be "La Noire", which is a newer line. To be honest I don't know anything about it. I'll have to wait and see.

Any plans for a Polish version of THE WHEELMAN? I'm sure they'd spell your name right. (Actually no - they'd probably do "Daune Swierczynski"...) Just kidding.

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