Monday, September 19, 2005

More Keyword Kraziness

Only one search string this time (that has led someone, via goodle or whatever, to my website), but it's just about the best keyword search I've ever seen:

charlie williams funny smell
Other news... Walking the dogs late one evening last week I got attacked by a badger. To be accurate he didn't techinically attack me, but he came charging at me through the long grass, looking pretty mean. When he saw the hounds he stopped, looked like a demoralised badger, and ran off.

Do you think he was attracted by the funny smell?


Steve Kane said...

I posted a bit of a rant on my blog about how much I hate telephones and mobile phone ringtones.

Now, lots of people come to my site having searched Google for "answer the fucking phone ringtone" and even "answer the phone you cunt ringtone".

Charlie Williams said...

"answer the phone you cunt ringtone"...

Hey Steve - I think that's how I found your site!

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