Friday, January 05, 2007

East Texas

I dreamed last night that I had moved to East Texas. Bear in mind that I've never even been to America, let alone any part of Texas. So why did my subcobscious choose East Texas? I know it was specifically that because I had various conversations in the dream, telling people where I was. Anyway, it was quite nice living in East Texas. The climate was good and I had a great house, whch was sort of like Larry David's in Curb Your Enthusiasm, but surrounded by tropical flora. Waking life seems dull by comparison. In the dream I actually looked on a map and worked out that I was quite near Nacogdoches, which is where Joe R Lansdale lives, and I was going to go over and say hi. I even thought about joining his martial arts group. Thinking about it, maybe this is why I was in East Texas at all. Before bed I looked on my bookshelves and chose a new one (Newton Thornburg's Cutter And Bone), and might have glimpsed the Lansdales.

That is all I have to say. Maybe I'll just blog about my dreams from now on.

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