Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Olympic Dream

I was at the Olympics last night. I won a gold for some sort of skating event, and a bronze in the 400m sprint (running). The skating I recalled nothing about and it was a big surprise to me, but I knew about the 400m. I was a rank outsider and took it easy from the gun, while everyone else piled ahead and ran out of puff on the home straight, while I cruised past for a medal. It only occurs to me now that one of these is winter and the other is summer Olympics. I don't think this particular double has been achieved so far. Can you imagine Michael Johnson* doubling up with Jane Torville?

Anyway, the drama came when I lost the gold. The bronze was really the big one for me (I tried at 400m when I was younger), but I needed that gold because... well, it's a gold. All I remembered was that the last time I saw it was when I put it down right after Prince Charles gave it to me. And it wasn't a medal - it was a sort of trophy, like an Oscar. Except it was made of soft lead, and you could manipulate it into other shapes. I told a reporter about it and there was a big media fuss "WILLIAMS LOSES GOLD", but finally I found it on a shelf in a shed somewhere.

This was a pretty good dream.

* Americans - Michael Johnson is one of the best athletes in history... and he's one of yours.

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