Thursday, January 18, 2007

What I am up to - work-wise...

...and when I say "work", I mean writing. You don't want to know about that other stuff.

I am writing a novel, getting towards the end of the first draft. This is as per the usual annual pattern, and I should have it nailed by March or so. My first drafts are usually pretty good in that I always know that everything is in place and I rarely do major re-writes after that (saying that, I do all my re-writing - or "surgery" - during the first draft).

After that, I fancy a crack at something different. Probably a couple of shorts first to keep my hand in, then either a screenplay, a TV idea, or some sort of prose thing but for a different kind of market. I had my first crack at scripting last year and really liked the form (a short film should be ensuing this year some time), so I want to see if there's anything else where that came from.

Oh, and yeah - I'll put up another short story here some time soon.

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