Thursday, January 26, 2006

The one year itch

This blog is one year old. (Actually the birthday was yesterday, but I wasn't paying attention. Shame on me. Happy birthday blog.) To be honest, I never thought I'd get this far. I started out all wide-eyed and full of ideals. I was joining the blogging revolution and I was going to take the world by storm. Then after you start blogging you quickly come to realise that you have to find interesting things to say now and then, and the fact you can't think of any leads you to reflect on the sad, uninteresting state of your life. Eventually you get sick of this and you kill off the blog, only to meekly resurrect it again when the blogging itch comes. Because that's all it is, really. It's an itch. You think "Hey - I'll blog about that", and then you go ahead and blog about it. You could always just talk about it with someone, but you get no answering back on the blog. Or, if you do, you can just ignore it.

Yay for blogging.


Tribe said...

Hey Charlie, nice spread (well, not literally, you know) in the new 2006 Serpent's Tail catalog. Any chance you can give Ray Banks some pointers on how to take a studly picture like you do?

Ray said...

Yeah. I need tips. And yer author photos always have that mixture of mean and approachable.

Charlie Williams said...

Just look at the camera and don't smile. Ta-da - mean, approachable, AND studly.