Friday, February 11, 2005

Bit of a long shot, this...

...but fuck it:

Does anyone happen to have any contacts in the UK pub world? A pub landlord, perhaps? Even better - someone involved in a regional pub chain? You would be doing me a great favour if you did. (As long as you told me about it. If you had a contact and you kept quiet about it, you would just be sneaky.)

This is to do with promoting my next novel, which is to be called FAGS AND LAGER. (You can see what I'm getting at now, yeah?) Anyway, if you fancy helping me out, drop me a line and I'll be in your debt.

Hope you all have a top weekend. Reading, drinking, dancing, ah...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I'm an inveterate barfly, unfortnately I'm on the other side of the Atlantic in the Cradle of Civilization, New Jersey. If you can expand your operation I am good friends with several bar owners, having put their progency through college.

Pat Lambe