Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Smile for the camera, fool!

Forget Kevin Bacon. I give you six degrees of Mr T.

First off, check out this bit of Mr T news (picked up off Sarah's blog):

AMERICAN cult hero Mr.T will star in a new comic book series published by St Albans-based APComics.

The comics company, based in French Row, this week said the first edition of Mr.T would be launched in the USA on Mr.T's birthday, May 21.

The Mohican-haired and heavily bejewelled Mr.T known worldwide for his roles in the smash-hit television series The A-Team and hit feature films such as ROCKY III, as well as solo television shows is overseeing the series as creative supervisor.

Mr.T said: "Quit your jibber-jabbering and buy my comic. I pity the fool who don't read it! It's gonna be pure gold!"
Now, as anyone who has read DEADFOLK knows, Mr T makes a very tenuous appearance (ie: Clubber Lang is mentioned). Right? So that's where he comes in.

Then, a while after Serpent's Tail buy DEADFOLK, they make me go off to meet this photographer, to get a few cheesy mugshots for publicity purposes. (I've only ever seen one photo come out of that "shoot" - the one on that used to be at the top of this blog before I slyly switched it for Ali and Pacino etc - so I assume in all the others I looked like this.)

With me so far? Now, where was this photo taken, you ask? Well, I'll tell you...

French Row, St Albans (see above).

Yes, in that dark alley behind me Mr T's adventures are now taking shape. So there's your six degrees of Mr T for you. (Er... one, two... No - one, two, thr


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