Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Far and Away

Happen to be in New York today, around 7pm? Why not pop along and check out the man Ken Jameson, er... I mean Ken Bruen doing his thing?

Yes, just like Tom Cruise in that crap film starring Nicole Kidman (no, not BMX Bandits), the Irish noir-meister has cadged a ride across the ocean and will be waving at the Statue of Liberty any minute now. As long as he gets through immigration OK (no simple task) he will head for the Black Orchid Bookshop (303 E. 81st St., New York, NY 10028; Tel:212-734-5980), and set about launching his new book, THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS.

You would be rubbing shoulders with the great and good of the crime fiction world, including Charlie Stella (pronounced "Stey-lla"), Jason Starr (pronounced "Sta-arr"), Duane Swierczynski (pronounced "Smith"), Jim Winter, Patrick Lambe, Reed Farrel Coleman, David Hasselhoff, Laura Lippman, Dave White, and many, many more.

So, are you going to be in NYC today, around 7pm? If so, all I can say is this:



Ray said...

SECONDED! I don't what's worse, knowing I'm not there, or knowing I'll hear about it ad nauseam when it's all over. Yes, I'm jealous, dammit.

And BMX BANDITS was not crap. BMX BANDITS spoke to a youth who spat at Choppers. It... Actually, no, you're right, it was crap.

Jim Winter said...

It's not all it's cracked up to be. Bruen had a bunch of us meet him at his hotel for drinks, the check for which he stuck to The Man. We went out to dinner, then a couple of people dropped out. I was stuck with a fellow promising neophyte (He's promising. I'm just lucky. I think.) who took us to be bar on 23rd afterward.

It gets a little fuzzy after that. The only clue I have as to what happened is that it burns when I pee. Is that a bad thing?

Sarah said...

David Hasselhoff and Ken Bruen in the same room? Where are those 4 goddamned horsemen?

Charlie Williams said...

David Hasselhoff? How the hell did that get there???

I swear, that guy...

Charlie Williams said...

Ray, the problem with BMX Bandits is that all the bikes were non-branded. You wanted to see them flying around on Mongoose Supergeese or PK Rippers, or at least Aero Pro Burners. Maybe a custom job with a Haro frame, Tuffs, and wide CW bars. Instead (if I recall) they had these cheapo no-name catalogue things. They were probably ace bikes, but it was all about brand back then.

Anonymous said...

I tried to send a full size carbboard cut out of myself to Black Orchid via Next day mail and the post office laughed at me. I said it was really Hasselholf and they tried to set it on fire.

For the rest of us lads who can not attend tonight in the Big Apple, we should all raise a glass at 7 PM EST to Ken. Anyone have a video cam ?

Jennifer Jordan said...

They'll be a bit of a repeat in Milwaukee, less a few New Yorkers (but not all) and plus a few Chicago people. Ken doesn't know, so the surprise factor should add to the insanity.

Having already made an effort to keep up with Ken booze-wise (on my birthday - a long night), I shall keep to the fringes and observe in a somewhat sober manner this time.


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