Thursday, March 17, 2005

Great Novelisations (no. 2 in a series)

"When the carnival comes to town, The Fonz has a minor problem - how to date all the hoochie-coochie dancers while they're in town for the week! But soon he becomes concerned with a major problem - his life - when the Muskogee Mauler challenges him to the fight of the century. On the sidelines, Madame LaZonga, the fortune-teller, and her tantalising daughter, Lola, have other plans for The Fonz - marriage! Find out how The Fonz evades the clutches of Madame LaZonga and escapes the crunches of the Muskogee Mauler!"


Russel said...

Heeeeeey! Sit on it.

I'm really sorry. But someone was going to do it.

Charlie Williams said...

Don't apologise, Russel. You're in a safe place - let it all hang out, man.

I preferred Potsie myself.

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