Friday, July 08, 2005

Green Man

I am v.happy to announce that I'll be at the Green Man Festival once again this year. John Williams has asked me along, and I guess I'll be reading from FAGS AND LAGER. This is a great festival, if you like Green Men. Actually it's a great festival no matter what colour of men you like (or women). Great beer, great music, great people walking around in strange costumes. Just great.

And it's even greater this year: Will Oldham (aka Bonny Prince Billy) is headlining.

Will Oldham, if you don't know, wrote (and originally recorded) "I See a Darkness", the incredible track on Johnny Cash's AMERICAN 3: SOLITARY MAN album. Do yourself a favour and buy this, let it sink in, and realise his version is even better.


Ray said...

Mother. Fucker.

Will Oldham? The man who wrote: "Like the songs of the mogwai, without any words, we are together, at one with the birds"?

I'm peeved, jealous and miffed.

Charlie Williams said...

Yeah, that's the W.Oldham I'm talking about. What can I say, we snap at the scraps that are thrown to us. Tell you what, I'll try to get you in if you want (even though it's sold out). I'll say you (and guest) are my "entourage". Bit of a long way away for you though.

Metinism said...

Best Festival Ever.