Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Should we pity these fools?

"When I met Mr. T, I cried. It was at an autograph signing, with Mary Lou Retton, of all people, and I got my arm signed and my photograph taken with him. Then I just went outside and I cried."

I don't know. Is this guy genuine or not? Is he a real T-man, or just a prankster? The tattoo on his arm suggests a mild degree of commitment, but what's this about a "Dolce & Gabbana trucker hat, the bill pulled slightly to the left"? Is a Dolce & Gabbana anything truly in the spirit of T?

I think not.

Be that as it may, if you're in New York go along to the Orchard Street Art Gallery on the Lower East Side, where you can see these guys' exhibition of T action figures, entitled "I Pity the Dolls."

Cheers to Ms W for the link.


Sarah said...

surely you can adore Mr. T and not lose your hipster cred. Or perhaps not.

Charlie Williams said...

From the Book of T:

"In order to achieve enlightenment, the first thing a T follower should do is throw away his hipster cred. And I don't just mean throw - I mean throw it helluva far. There is no place for cred in the House of T, and I pity the fool who wears a designer trucker cap."

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