Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Well then in quick succession we had babies, one, two, three"

(A glittering prize to whoever gets where the above quote is from.)

Browsing on Amazon, as you do, I found this winter baby. Makes me cold just thinking about it.

Other news... the pigeons have gone away now. I think they must have defeated Captain Howdy, because I feel lighter on my feet and that Mike Oldfield music is no longer in my head (cheers Jim). Well done pigeons.


Ray said...

That quote would be from "Song Of Joy" by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Track 1 on one of my favourite Cave albums, Murder Ballads

Russel said...

Damn, damn, damn! I should have known that! (I've been listening to Cave all day as I've been writing - and still part of me wanted to say it was from that godawful Steve Martin film where he had too many children). I'll tell you an odd Cave thing, though, that t'other walking into work in the shiny shopping mall that is Overgate, I heard a song from Murder Ballads over the speakers: not what you'd call typical music to inspire shoppers. Of course, it does feature Kylie, so that may explain why it was being played (its been a Kylie-fest on the speakers there this past week or so).

Ray said...

Maybe someone out there has a sense of humour. That is the song where she ends up with Cave bashing her head in with a rock after a whole bunch of lanky, pale gurning.

Charlie Williams said...

Well done Banks. I might have known you'd get it, you big show-off. As for what glittering prize you get, I'm not sure yet. (Er, how are you doing for beer mats?) I know! I'll send you a photograph of me and Will Oldham. How'd you like that?

And McLean, shame they weren't playing Stagger Lee in the Overgate. That might get their blood flowing.