Friday, May 06, 2005

Daren King

I just have to link to this interview. I mentioned a couple of days ago that Magnus Mills is the most interesting writer in Britain today. Well, Daren King is the most talented. And original. No... Mills and King tie for originality, but King has it with the pure talent. He's like a Jackson Pollock paintbrush, spattering colours all over the page and somehow creating something grounded and accessible. You've had 6 years to read his debut BOXY AN STAR, so if you have't yet, do it now. I must admit, I was well put off by the "E generation" cover they put on it when first published, but I'm glad I got over it. And besides, they've put a new one on it now (not much better, but less hideous).

Oh, and he's got a new one out - TOM BOLER (a prequel to his debut).

WARNING: Daren King is one of those writers who get their language right under your skin, making you speak and write that way. So if you're in the middle of writing the Great American Novel and it's a delicate paper house of speech patterns, steer clear of BOXY AND STAR (until you've finished).

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