Friday, May 27, 2005

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Anyone have a copy of last Friday's (20 May) The Sun? I'm told there was a review of FAGS AND LAGER in it. If you go to a barbershop or a chinese takeaway, have a look at the reading matter in the waiting area - they usually have some old Suns. That's my only hope. So go on, treat yourself to a short back 'n sides, with egg fried rice and prawn crackers.

There have been one or two other reviews, but I said I wouldn't talk about reviews so I won't. One was in yesterday's Metro, including the nugget: "Blake is the perfect antihero, engaging as well as terrifying, his delusions of hard-man grandeur fuelling fierce black comedy. Delivered in Blake's rich vernacular, Fags and Lager is yokel Tarantino."

Yokel Tarantino! My next two books will be KILL JETHRO vols 1 and 2.

Also a good one on the BBC Collective website, which goes something like: "Williams' greatest achievement is Blake himself, a dazzling creation of well-intentioned prejudice and overblown machismo, dripping with dramatic irony, who would rather spare the upholstery of his 2.8i Ford Capri than ferry a wounded mate to hospital."

Wouldn't anyone? Meanwhile, I've got to choose a FAGS extract to read at Hay next Wednesday. This will be my first reading from this novel, and I've no idea which bit to go for. Probably best to just start at page 1.

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Charlie Williams said...

I got that Sun review (cheers Donna). A plot summary, followed by "One for the boys".

Fair dos - 3 million circulation.