Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fags and Feedback

Maybe what I should do is mention reviews and general feedback (of FAGS AND LAGER) as it dribbles in. But I'm not the kind of guy who does that. If it's a good review, it looks like I'm blowing my own trumpet. If it's bad, I'm wallowing in self-pity, or trying to look all nonchalent but failing, and just looking sad and damaged. So definitely no review posting from me. I'll just ignore all that. Yep.

And anyway, there's only been a couple so far. One in FRONT magazine, which is a lads' mag. Flick past all the tits and asses (go on, keep turning those pages you old lech. Oh, you're a girl... er...) and you'll find the review on p149. Here's a bit: 'Fags and Lager is seriously funny... Anyone who's ever grown up and put up with the rude boys, growlers and thugs of a crappy, rain-soaked market town in the middle of nowhere, will no doubt fall in love with this all-too-fictional nonfiction.'

The other one is in the Birmingham Sunday Mercury. I haven't read it but I'm told it contains the blurbworthy nuggets: 'fast-paced, darkly comic... an unputdownable read... a matter of laugh and death.'

But, like I say, I'm not interested. I'm ignoring all that. Just sitting here, finishing my coffee. Enjoying my coffee.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I think you're forgetting 'deliciously off-centre', the Metro. And what about their description of Mangel and Royston Blake as 'the creations of a peculiarly dark, deranged, demented comic genius.'? They're calling you a fuckwit, Charlie. I'd sue.

Cheers, Al

Ray said...

I'm sure the ladies found that picture of him "deliciously off-centre", too.

Charlie Williams said...

You're right, Al. There's fair criticism and then there's defamation. "Deranged and demented"? No one's going to employ me now. I'll have to join the police.

You know, Ray, I didn't think that would show up in the photo.

Jai said...

Charlie! you have a blog! Have you told Smoggs? he despise them. How you anyway? Glad to see Deadfolk doing so well.