Monday, May 09, 2005


Anyone read METRO newspaper? It's the one you can pick up at all the train stations etc (in the UK). Anyway, look out for some sort of interview with me in it this week. I think it's the regional METRO (as opposed to the London edition), but maybe I'm wrong. And hey, if you see it, drop me a line. I always miss these things.

And yeah, here's that Worcester Standard piece from last week. It's a quick read, I'll say that for it.

Anyway, cheers to the Worcester Standard and Metro.


Anonymous said...

It's Kelly Osborne in the Scottish Metro today Charlie. Although...looking at the pic, it might be you in drag.


Charlie Williams said...

I really don't think I could pass myself off as Kelly Osbourne, no matter how much drag you put on me. Strangely though, I can look (and sound) like Ozzy with little effort.

Ray said...

Yup, Kelly Osborne and her electronica. Will it be a 30 second interview, though? Or something meatier later on in the paper, like that Niall Griffiths thing I saw not so long ago?

Charlie Williams said...

Ray, I dunno what sort of interview it will be. Hopefully like the Niall one, if that was enough to get you interested in him. I did a 30-second one for Metro last year when Deadfolk came out (though I'm sure it took more than 30 seconds to do).

Anonymous said...

Tuesday is J-Lo Day in the Scottish Metro. That's not you either.