Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Say It Quiet...

...because I'm knackered.

Why do I always need another holiday when I've just been on holiday? Ah, life. Anyway, this holiday... besides drinking gin and beer and fighting jellyfish, I found time to read two great books from Hard Case Crime (cheers, Ken). FADE TO BLONDE by Max Collins, and Donald Westlake's 361. Oh, these are great. If you like you're noir... well, noir, these two will do it for you.

Charlie enjoying a noir moment

FADE TO BLONDE benefits from having an uppity bouncer as its hero, a crisp plot involving pornography at a time when you had to keep a list of private customers, and a gorgeous cover. 361 benefits from being just plain goddamned superb, and one of those priceless novels where everything for the protagonist gets turned upside within a few pages, and reality becomes a thing of the past. Ace, ace, ace.

Hurrah for HCC.

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