Wednesday, May 04, 2005

You've got your good things, and I've got mine

Hey, there's been no blogging from me for a few days. That is because I've had nothing worth blogging about. And, as you know, only the finest blogging material finds its way onto this site. If nothing matches our high standards of blogging excellence, then nothing gets purveyed.

Oh, I did find out one interesting thing. Magnus Mills, despite being the single most interesting writer at work in Britain today, is keeping it real:

After driving the 137 and 159 buses out of Streatham Bus Garage, he became a postman, only, so the story goes, so that he could say he had become “a man of letters”. Now he subsidises his writing by driving a van for British Telecom and he’s still with letters – he delivers the internal mail from London to Oxford.

You've got to buy his books just for that simple fact. Imagine finding out that Martin Amis is a part-time panel beater? Or that JK Rowling slops out the showers down the Garnock Valley Amateur Boxing Club?

BTW, Magnus has a new book out September - EXPLORERS OF THE NEW CENTURY. (Check out the awesome cover.)

Meantime let's take a look at some classic movie moments...

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