Thursday, May 05, 2005

Local Media 2

Hey, I'm going to be on BBC radio next week! I'll be doing a live set with my band "The Twats" on the Radio 1 Evening Session... Er, no... no. That's not true. It is true that I have a band of that name, but I'm the only member and we only have two original songs (and no recordings) and never perform live, so really we're just known as "The Twat". However...

I'll be on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester at 3pm on Tuesday the 10th (FAGS AND LAGER publication day) talking to Dave Bradley about the books. From what I gather, you can pick it up on the web here. (I'll try that later.) Should be interesting, because BBC Radio H&W is broadcast from Worcester, which is the town Mangel was based on.

(Mangel is the setting for DEADFOLK, for those who have not read it. Also FAGS AND LAGER and BOOK 3 (which will come out next year).)

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