Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Reach Out and Touch Me

Depeche Mode were fucking ACE in their heyday. See You, Enjoy The Silence, Personal Jesus, Policy of Truth, Never Let Me Down Again, Enjoy The Silence... even pap like Somebody was truly exceptional pap. AND that guy managed to look like a sexually aberrant poodle through thick and thin.

So, Depeche Mode were fucking ace in their heyday. And slightly canine. Discuss.

No, do not discuss...



Jai said...

I loathed their early poppy shite. Accept that! heheh as an ex-punk/goth their pop was pap. however stuff like I feel you and so on around that period was brilliant.

feeling nostalgic?

Charlie Williams said...

Have it your way, Jai. But there's no denying the guys done well for themselves, considering they had to overcome the obstacles of Martin Gore's haircut, and coming from Essex.

Actually, I didn't even like Depeche Mode in the 80's, so it's not really nostalgia. More a case of trailing the archives for something to listen to, there being so little about these days.