Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude"

I want to replace that shot from The Big Lebowski up there at the top. It's a nice shot, but it has to go. Its time is not now. Maybe later, in a year or so. Expect it to be gone by tomorrow, replaced by something more... more... Ah, you'll just have to come back and see. (I really want to use a shot of Marv from SIN CITY, but it's too current. I live in the past, and things only really sink in with me once they've matured for at least five years. Preferably twenty-five. (Case in point - RAGING BULL.))

Meanwhile, remember I said I wouldn't report on any FAGS AND LAGER reviews? It's just not in my nature. Anyway, here's another one I refuse to report on (from Tangled Web):

300-odd pages of squalor, f-, s- and c- words, extreme violence and drugs, the odd hint of perversity, monstrous sly humour and all with no redeeming social message whatsoever.

You should see my mum. She's so proud.


Al said...

My mum's green with envy. That's a beauty.

Charlie Williams said...

Thanks Al. I feel so lucky. I know there are big name authors out there - Joanna Trollope, say - who would murder for a blurb like that.

Ray said...

I have murdered for a blurb like that. Unfortunately, the fuckers couldn't write in their own blood.


Charlie Williams said...

They probably could, Ray. Just not while they're dead.

Hey, maybe you could get get a blurb out of Rendell (after you beat her)?