Thursday, June 23, 2005

Review Embargo

As I said, no FAGS AND LAGER reviews here. That includes the one from The Big Issue, which includes the nugget:

"The phrase 'chav lit' would be a disservice to this novel - there's real depth to the characters, but anyone familiar with small town life will appreciate the pitch-black sense of humour."
Chav lit? I spot a movement.

But fair's fair. If I ignore the good ones, I ignore the bad ones too. Such as the Bristol and Bath Venue Magazine, which previously slated DEADFOLK. As you can see, they're sticking to their guns:

"Williams doesn't seem to know whether he wants to be David Lynch or 'Viz', so he ticks both boxes, chucking in 'The League Of Gentlemen' for good measure. But 'Fags and Lager' is much too lightweight to be 'Blue Velvet', not funny enough to be 'The Fat Slags', and completely lacks the ability to evoke the kind of queasiness created by the League's genuinely repulsive parade of grotesques."
Hmm. Why would I want to be any of those things? What if I had succeeded in "being" Lynch or Viz? Then I'd just be a clone. Fair enough, though. I will defend every man and woman's right to slag me off.


Ray said...

This Bristol paper, were they the ones that called you "sub-Irvine Welsh"? Seems like they've got a dose of comparisonitis. It's okay. It happens to a lot of reviewers who haven't got an original thought in their fuckin' skull.

Charlie Williams said...

That's them, Ray. They said something like that anyway. Maybe they'll come around with the third book, next year! It would be something to get a hat trick of bum reviews from one paper.

Jenny D said...

That Bristol and Bath reviewer is just completely missing out on one of the great fictional experiences of the year!!!

Anonymous said...

In no way will those snarky bastards deter me from purchasing (and reading) Fags & Lager. There. I said it.

Victor Gischler

Charlie Williams said...

Victor, Jenny, and Ray. Thank you for your nasty words. But bum reviews do not get to me. Look - I'm laughing! Ha ha ha! (Where'd I put that syringe?)

And Vic - nice pic in the latest Crime Spree. You and Mr Stella make a beautiful couple.