Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So Long, Al Pacino

My brother came round my house the other day wearing a black T-shirt with that Scarface picture (above) on it. So now I have to find a new picture.

But why?

I don't know. This is the way it has always been, and always will be. We're not allowed to like any of each other's things. Not unless I steal it off him, so it becomes mine and not his. (And vice-versa.) I made a fatal error last year and went to my mum's house wearing a grey "Network Records" T-shirt. Of course, bro had to turn up. "Hey," says he, pointing at my chest. "That's my Network Records T-shirt. I've been looking for that for sixteen years."

Luckily I had a jacket.

(It was a shit T-shirt anyway.)

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